News and changes in Journal Limpet

Odyssey ready!

Journal Limpet is ready to receive (and send) journals that are from Elite Dangerous Odyssey (and still Horizons)!

Keep on playing and storing those journals commanders!

Added FAQ page

Since I've gotten some questions about Journal Limpet and what we can do and stuff, so now I finally added a page for that.

Enter the glorious Frequently Asked Questions-page!

I'll add more content to this page, if I get more questions and answers for you. :)

Canonn R&D integration released into public

With the help of Commander LCU No Fool Like One of the Canonn R&D-team, we have made an integration that helps Canonn collect events from our stored journals.

If you want to opt in to sending some whitelisted journal entries to Canonn R&D, head over to your settings and scroll all the way to the bottom and enable the integration!

Safe journeys commanders! o7

Finally some good news

We've added some new fancy things, like these news, with RSS and everything!

Oh yeah, you can grab the RSS at!

.. and we also made sure so that the index page now tells you the truth, if you actually are sending your journals to EDDN or EDSM.

And we have also added more safeguards, to make sure that your data is stored as it should!

Turn off EDDN, if you want to

News page

EDSM integration